The 01-mp3search.exe was created for searching for mp3 files on the Internet. The program operates with 30 searchers simoultaneously, in addition to that it communicates with its database.

The program simultaneously searches and downloads with 32 paralel lines , so not even a second is going to be wasted.

Here are some key features of "01 Mp3search":

■ Built-in download control and mp3 player

■ The found entries can be selected for downloading the whole or just a sample from it. The sample is consisted of maximum five smaller parts of the original file. After listening to the sample, we can choose to download the whole file (of course it takes more time, however the program will download only the missing parts). The incomplete downloads can be resumed later as well.

■ Previous search results and samples

■ The previous search results can be seen in categories grouped by keywords. All these data can be listed according to any feature in ascending or descending order.The downloaded samples are stored until we do not delete them.


■ 64M RAM

■ 15M free space


■ 30-day trial