A standard synchronizing program will not work if NTP (Network Time Protocol) is suppressed by a proxy or a firewall. This synchronizer uses plain access to WWW pages that show standard GMT time.

It will work if you have access to Internet Web pages. The unique Time Offset feature of the program allows setting up your PC clock to gain or to lose for a specified interval. Many our users value this feature greatly.

0S Non-Proxy Atomic Sync - best for ignoring any proxy!

Clock in your PC needs to be corrected only several times a month. And it is this fact that defines the way the program works: the program runs when Windows starts, checks whether synchronization has been done this day already, and stops immediately if so.

Otherwise the program checks for Internet connection, then tries to synchronize your clock and ends its work if succeeded. So as you see mostly the program is idle and is not wasting resources of your PC.

Synchronization is done automatically while you are receiving your e-mail or surfing the web and no actions are to be done by you. The program uses three different time sources.

Here are some key features of "0S Non Proxy Atomic Sync":

■ Synchronizing using http protocol.

■ Synchronize PC clock using official Source of Time for the United States.

■ Manual and automatic daily synchronization.

■ Current System Date control and correction.

■ Net response delay correction.

■ Control of synchronization quality.

■ Time Offset feature: make your clock to gain or lose the way you want.

■ Minimal usage of PC's resources.


■ 21 days trial.