Dedicated to amateur web designers, WebDynamicer is an application that provides you with a comfortable means of modifying static web pages using dynamic solutions.

It can replace the content of your HTM, HTML, PHP and PL files with templates, thus sparing you the trouble of resorting to complex software packages.

Following a fast and uncomplicated setup operation, you're greeted by a normal window with a simple layout that invites you to create a list with all the HTM, HTML, PHP and PL files you want to process.

Next, you can put together a separate list with template files whose content you wish to extract and place in the processing files.

Note that batch mode is supported, meaning that WebDynamicer can integrate multiple template files in multiple website files at the same time.

Once the "Dynamize!" button is clicked, the tool begins the procedure and shows a message dialog when it's done to draw your attention.

You can then open the files in Windows Explorer to check results. The program also have a feature that can check the files for any errors, accessible via the "Tools" menu.

If you're working with numerous website and template files and wish to temporarily cease activities to take care of other tasks on the PC, you can save the project to file (*.1abc format) and later open it to pick up where you left off.

WebDynamicer has its own rules for identifying the template to know where to extract content from. However, you can change them from the "Options" panel, where it's possible to set four patterns for detecting the start and end of the templates, as well as to modify the default number of characters taken into account for breaking long paths.

Unfortunately, WebDynamicer doesn't have previews for the webpages and templates, which would've been particularly useful to accurately set the template patterns.

We're also keeping in mind that the software developer hasn't updated this project for a long time. Nevertheless, WebDynamicer is easy to use for updating webpage content using templates.