Just like your room, the computer becomes messy after intense, long term use, and no cleaning, even software-wise. Sure enough, you can spend the time to manually track every change and put everything back on track, but the task is accomplished much faster with specialized applications like 1 Click Boost.

There are several areas the application can clean, such as Internet, Memory, Processes, and Cache. Just as the name suggests, there’s a button you can press to let the application decide what, and how it’s best to clean all areas, with a system restart required afterwards so changes can be fully integrated.

On the other hand, you can take the time to go through, and manually optimize each area. Unlike what you might expect, the approach is more technical than cleaning history items, or cookies. For instance, you’re able to prevent black hole detection, secure TCP/IP Protocol, enable automatic discovery, and a few more.

The Memory tab provides a detailed, real time updating view of resource distribution and usage of RAM, and CPU. There are a few sliders for CPU, and memory threshold, as well as for the amount to attempt to free. Depending on the amount, and type of running processes, optimization might not have that much of an impact.

When it comes to processes, disappointment starts to kick in. This is because not all processes are shown, and resource usage isn’t updated in real time. The only option here is to start, or kill processes. Cache cleaner is pretty much self-explanatory, allowing the application to optimize memory cache, force DLL unload, or optimize path and filename cache.

For a bit more comfort, the application can be set to activate through custom hotkeys, and even be made to run with Windows. Sadly, the process can’t be automated, because of the lack of a scheduler. Note that the overall optimization discards changes you make in individual cleaners, and processes everything instead.

Bottom line is the more you look after your PC, the better it can keep up with all of your requests. For this to happen, 1 Click Boost minimizes your effort to literally pressing one button. However, it feels a little rough around the edges overall, while cleaning options are pretty shallow, especially those related to Internet.