#1 Duplicate File Finder free's up space and speeds up your computer by finding duplicate files on your harddrive. It is an extremely flexible program, and you have the option of setting it to find only certain file types, for example, MP3(Music files), ZIP(ZIP Archives) or AVI(Movies) files.

The files can be moved to the recycle bin, be deleted or moved to a directory of your choice after the scan is completed. #1 Duplicate File Finder can also generate a detailed report about the duplicate files found on your PC, this report can either be a TXT document or a HTML file.

You can also choose to skip certain directories, this ensures that the program does not accidentally delete, or move any vital system files. Such protection is hard to find in competing products. #1 Duplicate File Finder uses three different, extremely efficient algorithms to ensure that any files found are truly duplicates.

Whether you are an experienced computer user, or a novice, our Quick Start Wizard will get you started, as quickly as possible. The above mentioned functions are just the tip of the iceberg, try #1 Duplicate File Finder for free, and explore this powerful program yourself.


■ Will not compare, delete, move or export any information about the files