Receiving the right education and training is a vital aspect in today's knowledge-based society. One of the quirks of evolution is that there is no golden rule for education. One can receive knowledge through various means, in an academic setting or in less formal environments. In this respect, educational games have always had a major complementary role in helping one build a solid knowledge base.

1001 is such a game that seeks to provide users with a fun environment in which to fine tune their basic Arithmetics skills and their numbers memory. As with most games, the application is highly addictive and relies on this aspect to better improve users' memory.

The game can be played either in single or competitive modes and the objective is very simple: reach the 1001 mark by making only additions and subtractions from multiple randomly-generated numbers that are hidden behind a 4x4 tiles square.

In single mode, users play against a timer and must memorize the numbers hidden behind the 16 tiles to reach the 1001 mark. A 99 clicks limit also constitutes an end-game criterion. The game's setup changes slightly in competitive mode, as users are not faced with a timer, or a clicks limit and a “Randomize” option can be employed once, to throw the opponent off his track, by shuffling numbers.

Regardless of the chosen game-type, once one of the tiles is clicked, it displays the hidden value. The same is valid for all the other tiles and users must make either addition or subtraction operations with all the numbers to reach the winning mark.

All in all, 1001 is a good tool for anyone who wants a memory or a basic numbers operations trainer. The application is especially well-suited for children taking their first steps in Mathematics.