Mastering a musical instrument such as a guitar requires a lot of patience and chord practice. In order to ease this task 120GuitarChords was created. It allows you to study and learn the music notes, along with their chord positioning on a guitar.

The application aids you in the attempt of learning how to play a guitar, by displaying the musical notes, along with their positioning on the chords of a guitar. Furthermore, it displays the correct hand position on a guitar when playing a certain note, so that you can visually check and adjust your own style of holding a guitar.

In addition, the program plays each musical note as it would be played on a real guitar, which could come in handy when trying to compare your style of playing a note with the standard one.

120GuitarChords displays both images of correct guitar hand positioning and musical tabs and charts for a certain note played. This help you learn all the characteristics and representations of a musical note with ease. As a plus, you can weave certain musical notes and create a sheet, which can be played on your computer.

This feature allows you to compose your own songs, and transpose them to fit your own voice tone. Each music chart created this way can be saved and played later on, or edited, by swapping or changing certain notes.

To conclude, 120GuitarChords can help you learn how to play a guitar, by studying its musical notes and their chord position. The application has several good features, fit for its intended mobile phone app purpose , although the desktop version could be refined, by mapping each note to a keystroke, an option not normally required on touchscreen devices.