To start learning a chord instrument such as the mandolin, you need to begin with studying the music notes and their positioning on the chords. 120MandolinChords is a sturdy software solution that can help you in this matter. It allows you to check the correct hand position on the mandolin chords for any note played.

The application allows you to study and master the art of playing a mandolin, by learning the music notes and their placement on the chords of such an instrument. The tab representation of each musical notation is also displayed by the program. By doing so, it ensures you that you will be able to read entire music sheets whenever you learn to play the mandolin well.

Furthermore, 120MandolinChords plays the specific sound of a note as is it would be played from the actual instrument. This way, you are able to compare both the hand positioning and sound representation of a musical notation with your own playing style, and then correct it.

The program can help you build your own music compositions, by successively adding notes to a music sheet. This music sheet can be saved and played at any other time. Additionally, you can easily edit it, by swapping notes or changing them completely, thus optimizing the final song.

As a plus, you can transpose each music chart created this way, so that the tonality of your voice matches the tone played by the mandolin.

All in all, 120MandolinChords serves as an ideal kickstarter for those that want to learn playing the mandolin. Although intended for mobile phone use, the application could be tweaked for computer use, by mapping each note to a keystroke. This way, people would be able to easily play the mandolin or compose songs on their computers.