120UkuleleChords is a user-friendly and easy to handle piece of software that was created to offer you a method of learning how to play the ukulele properly, providing you with everything you need to know about the instrument’s chords.

Subsequent to a brief installation process, you can launch the application and start working it with right away, its usage being sufficiently straightforward to help even computer novices get the hang of it from the first run.

In addition, 120UkuleleChords displays an ‘Introduction’ with several different tips and information about how you can best benefit from what the program has to offer.

The main window of the utility allows you to choose the chords that you want to learn, by clicking on the buttons corresponding to the notes that you can play on the ukulele. For each chord, you will get a basic representation, as well as an image of the hand position on the instrument.

In addition, you can press on the play button to listen to the chord and attempt to reproduce it yourself, being able to practice it until it sounds just right. The ‘Add Chord’ and ‘Remove Selected Chord’ buttons help you create your own sequences, letting you move them around by drag and dropping them in the position you want.

The ‘Transpose’ menu lets you adjust the notes to suit your voice, so you can prevent the song from being too high pitched. From the ‘Favorites’ section, you can create, save and delete chord sequences for your favorite songs, which you can practice until you play them perfectly.

In summary, 120UkuleleChords is an intuitive and user-friendly tool whose main purpose is to teach you how to play the popular string instrument, enabling you to learn everything there is to know about it, even if you do not have prior musical training.