If your work environment mainly revolves around your computer, you might want to tweak some of its components in order to avoid monotony and productivity spikes.

Fortunately, nowadays you can do so in numerous ways thanks to specialized third-party software, such as 12Ghosts ShowTime that can provide you with adequate results.

Setting up this application on your computer can be accomplished without significant efforts since you are not required to perform any complicated configuration steps.

You only need to run the installer, follow the on-screen instructions, set a destination path and decide whether or not shortcuts should be created.

12Ghosts ShowTime comes with a rather outdated user interface, visually-wise. However, it compensates with the large amount of functions encompassed within it.

The main window also features an Options tab, which can be easily accessed by clicking it and can help you adjust a series of parameters. Some of the settings are related to appearance while others can be used to lock the windows' position or toggle it to be always on top.

This program can be used to replace your native tray time and date display with a more intuitive and customizable one. It is possible to modify the date and time format, change the color scheme, toggle certain elements to be smaller than others (e.g. date smaller than time) and insert times from various time zones.

Among the additional features this program packs, you can find a moon phase display, an alarm that supports custom sound files, chimes and hour signals, as well as an unlimited-lap chronograph.

All things considered, 12Ghosts ShowTime is a handy application that replaces your standard date and time display with a customizable one that packs additional features. It can be easily installed on your PC, features a plain user interface and its functions can be easily operated by a broad range of users.