Sometimes, when installing various programs on your computer, you might not be aware that some of them are automatically scheduled to run at system startup without your permission.

Although some of the items can be removed manually by using Windows' native utilities, others might leave residual files behind, which still lets them run on startup.

This program comes with a plain, yet user-friendly interface that packs a handful of interactive functions, making it possible for numerous users to benefit from it capabilities without significant efforts.

More so, it provides you with a brief instructions in its help manual, in case you are having difficulties understanding or handling its functions efficiently.

After you launch 12Ghosts Startup, you can view a list of apps that are scheduled to be launched on system startup, along with details about them. Among the specified details, you can find program description, storage location and command line parameters.

If you want to disable a certain application from running on system startup, you can easily do so by unticking its corresponding checkbox. If you need to delete the entry entirely, you can do so by highlighting your desired item and pressing the Delete button in the main window.

It is also possible to display and manage startup processes from all the users. In order to do so, you need to click the “Show startup items from all users” button and grant Administrator rights to the application when it prompts you to do so.

Another way of doing so is by launching the application with elevated permissions, by right-clicking its executable and choosing Run as Administrator from the context menu.

All things considered, 12Ghosts Startup is a handy application that can help you manage your startup entries in a quick, convenient manner. It packs a simplistic user interface, a handful of straightforward functions, a rudimentary help manual and various customization options.