If you work with multiple applications on your computer, you probably need an efficient way to manage them without significant efforts.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several software solutions that can yield the expected feedback in the situation described above. 12Ghosts Timer is one of the aforementioned applications, as it can help you schedule various utilities to be launched in a simple manner.

Deploying this utility on your system can be accomplished with ease since no additional nor complicated configuration is required on your side.

The only necessary steps are accepting the End User License Agreement, defining a valid destination path on your PC, deciding whether or not shortcuts should be created and following the on-screen instructions.

12Ghosts Timer comes with a simple, visually non-appealing user interface that packs several functions, which you can easily interact with since they are quite straightforward.

More so, in case you encounter any difficulties understanding or operating this program's controls, you can rely on its dedicated help manual as it might come in handy.

You can turn to this application if you need to schedule certain applications on your computer to run without significant efforts. In order to do so, you have to assign a description to the task, define a start path, set parameters if needed, specify a working directory, choose a Window state from the combo menu and choose a priority level.

It is also possible to set an application to run once or set it as a recurring task by clicking a corresponding radio button, according to your preferences. The application also supports custom Holiday lists that you can modify according to your needs by enabling or disabling entries.

All things considered, 12Ghosts Timer is a reliable application that can help you schedule programs on your computer to run at specified times with minimum efforts. It can be easily installed on your PC, comes with a plain user interface, features several intuitive options and packs a useful help manual.