As the name of this program implies, 1st Screensaver Photo Studio Professional allows you to create screensavers from images. It can be easily handled by both first-time and experienced users.

The interface of the application is based on a standard window where pictures can be imported into the file queue by using only the file browser, since the "drag and drop" functionality is not included.

In the file list you can check out the source path of each item. You can preview images, add transitions (e.g. appear, stretch from right, vertical squeeze into center), change the background color and configure screensaver control settings (e.g. interval, show image in random order).

It is also possible to insert text and configure font settings (e.g. style, size, effects, color), as well as add a sound track (MP3, MID, WAV, RA) and select the playing order (complete list in a random order or in the displayed order, select and play one file randomly).

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can save the screensaver by establishing a title, name, email and web address, description and icon. Plus, you can set the screensaver to exit on mouse move or click, key press or when the mouse cursor is shown. Also you can build a self-install screensaver.

The program runs on a low amount of system resources in order to build a screensaver quickly. It has a good response time and includes a help file. No errors have been displayed during our tests and 1st Screensaver Photo Studio Professional did not freeze or crash.

On the other hand, you cannot make any image adjustments (e.g. brightness, contrast) or configure program settings (e.g. set 1st Screensaver Photo Studio Professional to open the output directory when the task is done). No recent updates have been made.