Honing you editorial skills no longer has that hypothetical feel to it since both the public and the means of reaching them are rather close at hand, and the most challenging step remains coming up with content that stands out from the crowd.

1stFlip Flipbook Creator is a software solution that aims to smooth out your way to great projects by offering to turn your PDFs into page-flipping creations. Since it doesn't ask for considerable user input, you focus on the content itself and less on the publishing mechanism.

As said, 1stFlip Flipbook Creator is a utility that helps you breathe life into your PDF documents, which you can convert to Flash and HTML5 so that you easily share them with those interested.

The program will thus prove its worth if you want to create page-flipping e-books, presentations, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and whatnot, adding a hint of dynamism to your content, which you can easily publish online.

The first step you need to take is load a PDF document, with several texture and geometry templates being available so that you customize its appearance. There are also scenes you can choose as a background for your editorial product, not to mention that you can add bookmarks to any of the PDF’s pages.

As for your interaction with the flipbook, you can use the flip button to explore its pages, or you can simply turn them with your mouse or go for an auto-flip option.

In any case, once you have settled on a design for your project, you can prepare it either for offline use, as an EXE, ZIP, HTML, or EXE file, or for online reading.

As for the latter option, the program enables you to upload your Flash or HTML5 flipbooks to the cloud or your server, with a book manager being incorporated so that you can have an overview of your work.

All in all, 1stFlipbook Creator is a reliable piece of software that helps you put the finishing touches on your editorial project, which can result in eye-catching page-flipping e-books, brochures, or newsletters available both online and offline.