File transfer can be done in a large variety of ways, from copying them to and from removable storage devices, or simply through a network connection. Files are always at risk, but for enhanced security reasons important documents can be kept within safe environments such as virtual disk images. Titles like 2Tware Virtual CD/DVD are the types of the applications that let you handle virtual images.

The application does not come equipped with its own interface, most of the times staying hidden in the system tray and the corresponding menu being the only way to access features. Unfortunately, only a little time spent going through what it has to offers unveils that options are pretty shallow.

On the one hand, you can only use the application to access data stored on virtual drives. The application lets you create as many new virtual drives as it can keep track of, but you have to do this one drive at a time, with no possibility to simply set the total amount. What's more, the reverse process is done similarly, without an option for removing all of them. Even after you close the application, created drives are still available.

On the other hand, limitations are encountered as well as for compatibility. In other words, the application only supports ISO, UDF, JO, CDFS and ROCK. Surely having one of the most commonly used formats is helpful, but it's far from being enough. In addition, creating a virtual image is only possible by using external applications.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that 2Tware Virtual CD/DVD leaves a lot more to be desired, with provided features begin a little too shallow to be used over long periods of time. The number of supported formats is disappointing, and for what little it has to offer, the overall design can get disturbing.