Storing data on CDs is a good idea, since it ensures that your personal files are not lost in the event of a system failure, but this does not mean that your photos, videos, music and documents are completely safe, since discs can be damaged too, something that usually results in data corruption.

321Soft Clone CD is a straightforward piece of software designed to help you easily clone CDs to ensure that data stored on them is backed up.

The application's interface has been built based on the idea of “what you see is what you get,” offering all of the available functions and options in a single view.

The tool allows you to select the source disc or folder for the files you want to backup, along with the destination CD or directory, so that you can start backing up your data fast.

Before proceeding with the cloning process, you can modify parameters such as Raw Mode for ripping and burning discs, or the recording speed. Moreover, you can also select a Temp folder for the application to use.

With the use of 321Soft Clone CD, you can clone CDs even if you have only one optical drive installed on your PC. The app can save the disc to an image file first, allowing you to burn it on a new CD after that.

Provided that you want to put data on a rewritable CD, the application allows you to erase the disc before kicking off the burn process, so as to ensure that there's enough space for all files, or that your new data does not interfere with the already existing one.

One thing that you should keep in mind, however, is the fact that the app requires a small investment on your side, although there are apps out there that offer similar functionality at no cost.

In conclusion, 321Soft Clone CD is an intuitive, snappy CD ripping and burning software that comes in a lightweight package and which allows you to easily backup your data on CDs, to ensure that you don't lose important information.