There are various animated screensavers designed to offer users an impressive view and a cinematic scene, they can provide a relaxing and enjoyable way to protect your monitor. 3D Canyon Flight Screensaver provides a cinematic view of a pterodactyl flying around in a desert canyon, with a changing view of the landscape.

Unfortunately, while the point of a 3D screensaver is to dazzle users with a majestic view, the graphics of the screensaver are not comparable to what modern computers can generate and render. Some might feel let down by this and, even on the highest graphical settings the screensaver allows, the textures are still far from ideal.

The application does include the option to change the view point though, instead of following a pterodactyl flying about, a first person view exists. The first person view is much more dramatic and could even make some users dizzy, and, even though the first person view is accompanied with an irritating helicopter sound, it is far more impressive.

While the graphical settings cannot be adjusted too much, the application does include a selection of different resolution settings. A graphical slider would be an improvement on the application, but it makes up for it with others.

Users can adjust the flight speed of the screensaver, making it either drastically faster for an exciting, high speed flight. On the other hand, they can also slow down the speed to make it a lazy soar around the canyon. Additional weather effects can be added, such as fog and light flares around the sun, both making the view more cinematic and impressive. Lastly, users can enable a motion blur effect to simulate high speed movement, as well as a quality slider for how detailed and effective the blur is.

To conclude, the screensaver can be very impressive. Though the standard settings for the application are not terribly impressive, it can be customized to make it much more thrilling and exciting. Sadly, if 3D Canyon Flight Screensaver wants to remain relevant, it will to overhaul its graphics sooner rather than later.