Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals and they are always beautiful to watch. 3D Dolphins is a nice tool that brings these creatures to the screen.

The app has a clean interface that is simple to understand.

Basically, the program includes animated dolphins that swim among sand formations and plants. The underwater scene features various animals, bubbles and even sunlight filtering through the waves. It also includes an underwater analog clock that covers most of the screen.

The program displays 3D card performance information, such as the number of frames per second, the screen width and height, texture width and several other details.

In order to set this app as default, you must access the Windows Screen Saver Settings area and pick the name from the drop-down list. Once it is selected, you may fiddle with the tool’s options. For instance, you can set the maximum frame rate; a lower value should use less computer resources.

Unlike other screensavers that are sensitive to mouse movements, you can only exit the 3D Dolphins app by pressing the space bar or the Escape button on the keyboard.

You can also modify the number of minutes of idle time required before the screensaver covers the desktop. Furthermore, a logon screen may be displayed on resume if you enable this option from the interface.

The bottom line is that 3D Dolphins is a nice program that can visually enhance the computer. Inexperienced users should find it easy to install and customize, thanks to the intuitive interface and the app’s simplicity.