3D New Years Countdown is a useful screensaver that reminds you how much time is left untill the next year.

3D New Years Countdown - symbols of time float before a large time symbols video as the clock softly counts down to midnight New Years Eve.

When midnight comes confetti falls, a flashing Happy New Year greeting is played with an orchestral rendition of Auld Lang Syne. New Years greeting plays all day New Years Day and then screen saver reverts to countdown mode for the next New Years Day.

Test New Years Day effects with test button in the control panel. Select falling objects including symbols of time, pointsettias (for the Christmas build-up to New Years), deep red hearts (to enjoy your screen saver well after New Years Day), sparkles on New Years Day or mix them all together. Change tint to give a morning, evening or night effect, or go wild and make everything purple. You can also play up to ten MP3 music file of your own


■ 3 days