Nowadays, a well-designed website with smart content can bring potential clients, subscribers, and affiliates to you, which can buy your products or financially support you. However, such sites are quite difficult to achieve without specialized code and design utilities, to bring that professional look.

When it comes to creating interesting 3D words a suitable app is necessary. 3D Text is a modern and user-friendly program whose main purpose is to help you create such items. It's wrapped in a clear-cut and approachable interface with the working area in the middle, while at the bottom, all the provided functions, are neatly organized.

If you used the tool in the past, and you want to further edit an existing record, you can load it by browsing its location on the computer. To start, choose the three separate text colors, for the front, left and back areas, along with the ones for the background.

You can change the text by typing the desired one in the field, and pick the corresponding font type, style, and size, together with the content dimension and thickness. The background may be transparent or a solid tone, while the corners can be reshaped.

On another hand, you are able to adjust the frame options, by modifying the horizontal and vertical margins, as well as the depth, and shape. Unfortunately, there is no undo option to go back to the previous design, in case you want to go back or start over. The output is saved as an image, and can be embed into your website, like any other picture.

Taking everything into account, 3D Text is a practical and useful application created to provide an easy and uncomplicated method to design 3D words for websites.