Knowing what the time is when you’re using the computer can be extremely useful, considering how easy time flies when we get lost in our tasks or entertainment method of choice. 3D TrayClockEx. is a program that can help you with this issue.

The app can change the way the system tray clock looks, display a timepiece on the desktop and even a calendar. Customizing these is extremely easy and can be done through a simple interface.

3D TrayClockEx. comes with a large collection of skins for the calendar and both clocks. Additional skins can be downloaded and loaded into the program.

Regarding the desktop clock, you can also fiddle with the transparency levels and have the widget always displayed on top of other software.

The program has the ability to record various reminders. These can be one-time events, or they can be set to repeat in certain days with the help of a simple form.

Furthermore, the time keeper has three types of alarms that can function simultaneously. They ring once every quarter of an hour, half an hour or on the hour. Each can be assigned a different alarm sound, so you can approximate the time even if you are otherwise occupied and can’t take a glance at the clock.

The bottom line is that 3D TrayClockEx. is a nice tool that can help you enhance the way the computer looks. Inexperienced users should find the program easy to use, thanks to the intuitive layout.