A product cover, or presentation makes up for most of the first impression, and might be just what’s needed to convince the public to give it a shot. Software products also need presentations, and with programs like 3D Virtual Box Creator you can design custom cases to accompany your presentation.

The application launches in a pretty compact main window which can’t be resized, but you can make it cover the entire screen. A floating settings panel also shows up, with all functions you need to customize your creation.

A standard box fitted with some default textures is displayed at every launch. You can rotate it on all axis, or in 2D using either the left, or right mouse buttons. Zooming can’t be done through the scroll wheel, but there is a dedicated slider in the settings panel with which to handle this view option.

The initial box can be refitted in a few different styles. As it goes, you can switch to the second software box, which is thinner, single or double CD/DVD box, standard CD/DVD box, as well as a simple rectangle.

Customization options leave more to be desired from all perspectives. First of all, the background can only be fitted with a color tone, while there aren’t any options to drop shadow from the box. Apart from background color, you can choose a BMP or JPEG picture for all sides of the box.

When you’re done, there’s the possibility to save an image of the product under a BMP, or JPG picture. Unfortunately, the resulting image is always under the 640x480 size specifications, even if you work in a maximized window. What’s more, the application can only export pictures, with no option to save a 3D object for further editing in more complex programs.

All things considered, we can state that 3D Virtual Box Creator is a straightforward design tool with which to add textures to one of several rectangular shapes, in the hope of creating a neat presentation for games, or software products. Unfortunately, editing is rather poor, with low quality output, and no options to export the 3D object.