3dScreen Builder is a software program for creating screensavers. But it creates not just standard slideshows with standard transitional effects (If you have tried other similar software before, you know what it is all about).

It actually creates three-dimensional screensavers. And at the same time working with 3dScreen Builder does not require any special knowledge in 3D graphics, mathematics or programming, everything is simple and easy.

To create your first screensaver, you will only have to click your mouse several times.

3dScreen Builder creates screensavers that really look like those created professionally. And still more gravity is added thanks to the fact that 3dScreen Builder eventually builds a self-install screensaver created with the software Inno Setup.

It has been estimated that installation packages for approximately 40% of all software distributed over the Internet are created with this software including 3dScreen Builder itself.

Here are some key features of "3D Screen":

■ Create unique three-dimensional screensavers.

■ Professional installation software included in screensavers .

■ Special Screensaver Configuration dialog box featuring customizable appearance.

■ Easy-to-use interface.

■ Requires no special knowledge.


■ 10-photo limit in screensaver compilation.

What's New in This Release:

■ This version adds new templates, features several improvements, and eases screensavers creating.