If you run a company, you might want to have an insight on as many parameters as you possibly can, including calls that you made or received from customers or other companies.

However, doing so without appropriate software assistance can be difficult, if not downright impossible. 3herosoft iPhone Call List to Computer Transfer is here to help you in this situation.

If you're the type of computer user who generally hits "Next" until the setup process has completed, you can safely install this program on your computer, as there are no advanced configurations required.

The only things you need to do are choosing the default language, accepting the End User License Agreement, setting the destination path and following the on-screen instructions. Or repeatedly hit "Next" if you're happy with the default settings.

Visually, this application doesn't boast a jaw-dropping layout, as the menus are quite plain and its theme is rather outdated, so there's no eye-candy for you to enjoy while operating the app.

However, you might enjoy the simplicity and straight-forwardness of its controls, as there's no hidden function, menu or button. Functions are operated directly from the main window. That's it.

3herosoft iPhone Call List to Computer Transfer, as its name boldly suggests, can help you transfer a list of outgoing or incoming calls from your iPhone directly to your computer.

Here you can further analyze it, search for a specific call, filter the results by contact's number or name, or just print the list if you want a hard copy of the document. Its additional functions also let you synchronize various other data from your iPhone with iTunes, such as music, videos and photos.

All in all, if you own an iPhone and want a quick way to transfer the list of calls from your phone to your computer, you're in luck. 3herosoft iPhone Call List to Computer Transfer can help you do that, and more.