3wGet is a full-featured download manager that promises to offer increased download speed and several other features to enhance the whole process.

First of all, the interface. Clean and well-organized, the interface has been especially designed not only to make 3wGet an easy to use program, but also to bring all its features in the spotlights.

This way, the main window is being used to help you manage all downloads, access the scheduler or the site explorer, step into options or open the help manual.

The amount of information on each download is more than enough, showing the file name, size, downloaded, time left, sections, speed and comments, with two tabs at the bottom of the window, “Log” and “Progress”, for even more details.

The downloads are organized not only by file type, but also by download status, so you can see either music, software and video files or completed, in progress, stopped or scheduled downloads.

While 3wGet also gives you full control over your bandwidth, there are three predefined traffic usage modes, light, medium and heavy, each with its very own values for the maximum count of connections, maximum count of connections per one server and maximum running downloads.

What’s more, 3wGet also provides browser integration, working flawlessly with Internet Explorer and even placing an entry in its context menu. Although it’s not compatible with other browsers, it can still monitor the clipboard and initiate a new download once you copy the link to clipboard.

All in all, 3wGet is an advanced download manager that could easily become one of the top products in this particular software category with a few improvements. It’s fast and stable and works just fine on all Windows versions.