4ASoft Agenda is a software solution specifically designed to help you manage your address book and create to-do lists.

After you install the application you need to set it up, by choosing your desired language and specify the login credentials. The interface displays the main menu that allows you to navigate to the functions you want to use.

4ASoft Agenda offers you the possibility to create create jobs and add various information about them, such as billed hours, materials used, quantity as well as start and end times.

With this app you can manage your contacts, be they your friends, colleagues, employees or clients. To each one of them you can specify multiple details, like company, position, address, their usernames for instant messengers, website and comments. Another feature is the option to add bank information of your contacts, so you can have at hand those details whenever you need to perform a transaction.

Furthermore, 4ASoft Agenda offers you the possibility to access maps from Google, ViaMichelin or MapQuest within the interface, thus making it easy for you to discover the location of any contact from the address book. You can also obtain driving information by providing the departure and destination information.

The utility enables you to connect to your email account using a SMTP server and compose messages with multiple pages that you can customize as you see fit.

Additionally, 4ASoft Agenda provides you with the option to create to-do lists in order to keep track of all your jobs, projects and events you want to attend to.

All in all, 4ASoft Agenda proves to be a handy software tool for everyone who wants to manage their contacts, tasks and easily send emails.