4Media Audio CD Burner is an intuitive application that can help you burn audio CDs, using content extracted from music or video files, easily and effortlessly.

It allows you to customize various encoder settings, preview files before they are processed and manage the program's resource usage.

It is not necessary to manually extract audio tracks from video files to process them, as the application can perform this task automatically.

You can load items individually or select a folder on your computer and have the program load all the compatible audio and video files.

4Media Audio CD Burner offers a built-in preview function, enabling you to listen to the songs loaded in the processing queue before burning them.

Depending on the type of CD you are using, as well as the model of the disc drive installed on your machine, the burning operation can take a considerable amount of time. If you cannot close the application manually once a job has been completed, you can have the program turn itself off automatically, as well as shut down your computer or put it in sleep mode.

4Media Audio CD Burner offers several built-in profiles, suitable for burning track CDs, MP3 and WMA discs.

These are fully customizable, as you can choose the audio codec to be used, select channel mode, modify sample rate, volume and embed file metadata.

The application can take advantage of multi-core CPUs and it is possible to specify how many cores should be used for the conversion operation.

You can also modify the priority of the conversion job when it is running in the background. If you do not wish other tasks to be interrupted, the application can convert files only when the system is idle.

All in all 4Media Audio CD Burner is an easy-to-use application, designed to offer inexperienced users a simple method of burning audio CDs from various types of media.