Having an iPad is a neat way of enjoying yourself, having more portability options than a laptop, while the big screen allowing you to enjoy photos, movies, and games without having to wear glasses.

In the case of watching movies, however, wasting mobile data or battery life by keeping the Wifi activated so you can watch online movies can be a real drag.

A great solution for both of these problems is watching DVD-quality videos offline straight from your iPad's storage, and a great way of doing this is by using a DVD ripper and video converter, such as 4Media DVD to iPad Converter.

It doesn't matter if you have original DVDs or are using ISO and IFO images, the result will be pretty much the same: high-quality videos that will be ripped and ready to be converted into video formats that your iPad can run.

While having this app open, all you need to do is either insert a video DVD in your PC's optical drive, or mount an ISO or IFO file, and all of its content will be revealed to you.

All video elements from a DVD can be handled separately, and their audio and video parameters can be modified before ripping them, depending on your needs.

For example, if you lack storage space on your iPad, you might consider reducing some of the Video's resolution, or some of the audio or video bitrate.

More so, depending on how busy your PC is at the moment, you can adjust the number of processor cores used during the conversion process, as using more will speed up the process but slow down all other activities the PC may be performing.

4Media DVD to iPad Converter offers you all the tools you need to rip the videos off of your DVDs, ISO and IFO images and convert them into iPad-specific formats for you to enjoy.