iPhones are being launched every year, and the software that runs them is updated just as frequent, so it is no wonder they are becoming more and more present in our lives.

For those of you who love watching videos on their iPhone devices, but don't know how they can convert the content of their DVDs into a supported format, 4Media DVD to iPhone Converter comes as a great solution.

Those of you who've used video conversion tools before are probably used to a certain design format, and you might be glad to know that 4Media DVD to iPhone Converter follows that same format.

The UI is modern and minimalist, with a blend of both Windows and iOS elements thrown in for extra measure., making it a pleasure to use this app.

All you need to do to run this app is insert a DVD into your PC's optical drive, and the app will have already loaded its contents into the menu.

There you can select all the video elements you are interested in and rip them into various video formats, most of which are iPhone-specific, while being able to select several output settings, such as the language in the case of dubbed videos.

You can select several quality-related parameters to modify, such as the video file's name, screen size, as well as video and audio quality, while also gaining access to several advanced profile settings.

More so, you can set the program to use a certain number of processor cores to perform the ripping and conversion, which is great if there are situations when performing this task it is a priority or not.

If you have an iPhone but hate wasting mobile data or battery by running wifi for streams, then you can choose to watch videos stored on your devices.

If that is the case, then 4Media DVD to iPhone Converter is definitely a great addition to your digital library.