4Media ISO Burner is a very simple application developed to burn virtual CD image files to disc.

It’s almost impossible to get lost in the program’s GUI because everything’s very intuitive and all options are grouped in a single screen for a very quick burning task.

Nobody wants to waste his/her time, so 4Media ISO Burner needs just a few clicks before starting the actual burning job.

Obviously, you are initially required to choose the image file and then configure the burn settings by selecting the burning device, the writing speed and the number of copies.

The good thing is that 4Media ISO Burner doesn’t work only with ISO image files, but also with BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, B5i, B6i and DMG. Additionally, it can burn the content to both CDs and DVDs, with a dedicated option to quickly erase a disc.

The burning engine is fast and reliable and it doesn’t affect system performance at all, with 4Media ISO Burner running okay on every Windows version on the market.

We didn’t experience any major slowdowns during our testing and 4Media ISO Burner tries to keep users up to date with the overall progress of the task by displaying the elapsed and the remaining time.

To sum up, 4Media ISO Burner is a handy piece of software that does its job and doesn’t offer any unnecessary options. It comprises only the basic tools you need when trying to burn a virtual CD image file, all grouped in a well thought out GUI.