With the growing popularity of portable media devices, being able to convert your songs to playable formats is almost a necessity. However, few applications can be used to process a lot of files at once or extract audio tracks from video clips.

4Media MP3 Converter is a straightforward program that allows you to convert numerous types of audio and video files to MP3 and many other formats. It features an intuitive interface and can help you trim songs and add audio effects.

If you are trying to convert all your albums to a specific file format, it can be helpful to have a way of processing them all at once.

4Media MP3 Converter enables you to load any number of video or audio files, then edit and convert them all in one operation.

It is even possible to assign a separate conversion profile to every item, allowing you to process each of them differently, without having to split them into multiple sessions.

You can specify which segment of a loaded file should be processed, should you only need to, for example, extract a specific song from a concert recording.

Additionally, you can enhance your songs by altering certain audio parameters. You can add fade in or fade out effects and normalize volume, as well as apply band pass, chorus, flanger and echo filters.

While the application offers a wide array of built-in presets, it is possible to modify them and create customized output profiles. These can be saved separately, then used in future conversion jobs.

The audio quality settings are fully customizable and you can even insert song information or edit the embedded file metadata.

Overall, 4Media MP3 Converter is a simple tool, designed to convert audio content from songs and videos to MP3 and numerous other formats. It is easy-to-use and allows you to convert any number of files during a single processing job.