4Media Photo DVD Maker is an intuitive application that can help you create photo slideshows and burn them to video DVDs. It enables you to add custom soundtracks, insert transitions or dynamic zoom effects, and then burn your project to a disc or save it to your computer.

However, the application offers a limited array of transition effects and does not allow you to customize each photo's display time.

After adding your photos, you can alter their position in the slideshow, spin or flip them. You can even have the application rotate them automatically as soon as they are loaded.

While you can specify how long the images should be displayed for, it is not possible to define a custom duration for each photo.

The application's primary function is to turn your photos into personalized slideshows, and them save them as DVD video files. These can be burned directly to a disc, stored as DVD folders or exported to an ISO image file.

You can modify various output settings, such as video quality, TV standard, audio bitrate and channel mode. However, no other format settings can be altered. While this is not a problem for most users, some may have appreciated the added level of customization.

You can specify whether or not the program should insert visual effects when cycling through photos. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine which of them should be added at certain positions, as you can only insert one type of transition between all your photos or randomize them.

You can also import multiple music files, to be used as the created video's soundtrack. The application can automatically alter photo display time, to ensure the video and audio tracks are equal in length.

All in all, 4Media Photo DVD Maker is an application that is best suited for novices, as it provides a straightforward method of creating photo slideshows and burning them to video DVDs.