4uKey - Password Manager is a specialized software solution that can help you extract all the passwords off your iOS device, without needing to jailbreak it first.

The first step is to connect your device to the computer using its dedicated USB cable.

Once it is detected by the application, an in-depth analysis begins, looking for several types of passwords.

Due to this application, you can effortlessly extract a wide range of password types from your device.

More specifically, you can view the screen time passcode, the Wi-Fi password, website and app passwords, as well as those related to your email accounts. You can also view credit card details and the Apple ID from the device.

For each type of passcode, you can also view the creation date and the last time it was modified.

This last bit of information can come in handy when you cannot remember the last time you updated your passwords or how much time it passed. After all, it is recommended to change your passwords on a regular basis, to protect your online privacy.

As soon as you located the password you are interested in, you can select it and export it to CSV.

4uKey - Password Manager supports several types of CSV, so you can easily export the file to a dedicated application: 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper or 4uKey.

All in all, 4uKey - Password Manager can help you easily preview the passwords stored on your iOS device, even if you are a novice in terms of computer skills. You simply need to connect the device, explore the detected passcodes, then choose the one(s) you want to export.