4Videosoft Video to MP3 Converter is meant to assist users in encoding their clips to various common audio formats. The application can merge or trim source files.

There are two ways to populate the main working window: either by loading individual clips or by selecting entire multimedia folders. Caution should be taken when the latter option is used as, although highly convenient, non-valid files within the designated directory can slow down or even crash the program.

The software recognizes almost all multimedia formats, both video and audio, including common extensions, such as MP4, AVI, MOV and FLV. The output tracks come in a variety of shapes, including MP3, WAV and OGG.

One of the great functions of this resource is that not only can it load multiple files, but it can also process them all, in just one go. The support for multi-core processors facilitates this and makes 4Videosoft Video to MP3 Converter a very powerful tool.

The program allows users to make a few adjustments to their output songs. Before conversion, one can modify the volume, as well as trim the duration. These are simple, but great features, because the need for a third-party software is avoided.

Another noteworthy function is the “Merge” option. Once more than one file is selected, this feature becomes available. Users that have numerous small clips can join them together into just one track!

The interface is highly intuitive and the conversion process is facilitated by the file previewer situated in the bottom-right corner of the GUI. All the program's functions are represented both as buttons and as menu items.

To conclude, 4Videosoft Video to MP3 Converter is a great batch-video encoder that allows users to make some basic adjustments to their source files.