If you have a passion for blogs and sharing fragments of your thoughts with others via the Internet, then there is a slight possibility that you may have heard about tumblr.

Although you can probably access it from any supported browser, it is possible to browse your favorite blogs and post new contents by using third-party applications, such as 6tum.

Since it is a Windows Store application, many users can install this application without significant efforts, as there is no additional or complicated configuration required.

The only necessary steps are navigating to the product's page on Windows Store and clicking the "Get App" button, since the rest of the process unfolds automatically, without your further assistance.

This application is a client for tumblr that lets you browse the blogs you follow and also post new content directly from the app. It goes without saying that you need Internet connection and a tumblr account to use this application on your computer.

The main screen consists of various categories that can be easily accessed and explored by simply clicking their corresponding buttons on the side menu. If you want brief descriptions of their functions, you can simply expand the menu by clicking the three-line button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Since its purpose is to provide you with an accurate tumblr experience, this application offers you access to all of tumblr's core services.

Those include "Discover," "Messaging," "Likes," "Following," "Activities," "Followers," "Draft," "Inbox" and "Queue". You can also view your blog by clicking your profile from the side menu.

All in all, 6tum is a client for tumblr that enables you to access the website without actually opening any browser windows. It offers you all of tumblr's specific services, can be easily installed and its interface is highly accessible to a broad range of computer users.