With the help of 7 Star Browser, exploring the Internet and your favorite webpages becomes and interactive and fun activity. This Chromium-based browser allows you to safely and quickly explore your favorite webpages or the Internet.

The application allows you to quickly browse the Internet, by providing a Chromium-based environment that works in a similar way. As a plus, the program supports both Internet Explorer and Chrome kernels. This is a very useful feature, because you can instantly switch or let the program automatically change the kernel when encountering webpages that only support Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, you can perform most of the activities that you would encounter when using Chrome or similar browsers. You can manage browsing history, bookmark websites or organize downloads. Since the application supports Chrome plugins, you can extend its functionality by simply connecting to the Google Chrome store and install your favorite addons.

7 Star Browser can help you perform a wide range of tasks and activities that can also be made on a Chrome-based browser, yet it offers several particular features that distinguish it. For instance, you can use the intuitive search to quickly find webpages, or open isolate tabs to keep your more important webpages or Internet content.

Additionally, you can switch between kernels at any given time, which is a highly useful feature for both developers and normal users. For instance, web developers can check how a website is displayed by modern web browsers, whilst having the chance to test it in Internet Explorer view too.

To sum it up, 7 Star Browser is ideal when it comes to quickly browsing the Internet, as it uses dual kernels, for improved content view and web data accessibility.