In case you were tired of applications dealing with various archive formats, here's yet another program, intuitively called 9Zip. The word intuitively here wants to say that if you're smart enough and give this a search online, you'll find there's a similarly named application that's better and is also completely free. There's nothing you could expect from this application, in the context of already having seen everything there is regarding archive-related functionality.

While the program description might show us the degree to which this app commits itself to offer quality, doesn't really do that, when opening it, you'll find a perfectly working app. Yes, at least it's not one of those horrible clones that don't even function properly. Despite the fact that it functions, you're not going to get much from it. It's as basic as it could get. There really is no reason on Earth you'd have to purchase this, unless you're a friend of the developer or it's the single archive handler you can get your hands on.

If somehow you decide to purchase the app or just try it, you'll notice the interface is pretty intuitive. It fits well with the rest of your Windows interface and it makes for a fast and simple way to deal with archives. That is not at all enough since the money you pay should at least be for extra features or overall enhanced functionality. There is really nothing that could prove this application is worth buying.

9Zip might not be the worst application we've seen, yet it simply makes do with an overly exploited formula that it doesn't even add to. It's not worth a single penny and that is simply because it does not offer anything special. Yeah, it does function pretty well, but so do the rivals and some of them don't even charge you for that.