Everything worth reading was until very recently paper-based, but as technology progresses, users require more and more information in electronic form. However, this means a lot of files have to be processed. For this purpose, specialized software, such as A-PDF Barcode Split Service, have been designed.

The application is quick to install and requires minimal resources to run properly. The interface is not appealing in any way, but since it does not need the users' complete attention, it is a minor setback. The software is intuitive, allowing various folders to be monitored, and the files that match the predefined rules are split automatically.

The whole process takes place in the background, which means users do not have to pay attention to every item the application splits. Users can monitor multiple folders at the same time, by creating different rules for each one. The output files can be stored in specified locations and users can filter what documents should be processed by adding a name tag.

Users can set the software to divide their PDFs by tracking either a series of barcodes or blank pages. The output files display the range of pages they contain from the original document. The barcodes supported by this software are the most common, so there are little compatibility issues.

An interesting feature is that the application enables users to perform a test run. By selecting a single file, users can preview how the software processes it and manages to split it. It saves users time since they can see first-hand the accuracy of the program and do not have to test it extensively to discover its limits.

In conclusion, A-PDF Barcode Split Service is a bit of a surprise. The application runs silently in the background after users finish setting up a few rules. Few variables can be tweaked, but they make all the difference. The software is not cheap, but it can prove useful for the right users.