Modern day trends have gotten people to take dozens of pictures on a daily basis, for different purposes, thanks to cameras that are found on most mobile devices. With the right computer applications, you can completely enhance images or correct any mistake, as well as pile them up in a visually appealing collage for presentations and special events, which is the case with A-PDF Flash Album Maker.

With the main window up, you can start adding pictures without worrying about accommodation, because the intuitive design makes it a walk in the park. Most of the space is reserved for your canvas, while a side panel lets you easily navigate through and create pages. Controls and functions either slide along with a menu when editing, or can be accessed from the upper toolbar and menu bar.

The main resources you work with are pictures, but sadly, you can't just drag them over the canvas. This is probably because you can add them on multiple layers, with dedicated tools for each. Support is neat and you can easily load PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, EMF, and WMF. However, the application also comes with an abundance of outlines, frames, text, and cliparts you can add with a few mouse clicks.

Controls and options are moderate, but incredibly easy to use. Each one brings up a panel with different selections for style or editing, depending on the selected tool. A slide can have a custom background photo, unlimited number of images, and any other elements you consider go well with your design and are found in the library of content.

When it comes to editing pictures, an impressive amount and diversity of tools are at your disposal. Although selection is a little frustrating, the application lets you select and adjust different masks, light effects, frames, textures, matting, as well as various effects and color adjustments.

Hitting the “Publish” button gets you three steps closer to the final product. A new screen pops up, initially letting you add more pictures to be used as pages. A built-in open dialog makes sure you have access to local files. The selection step also lets you choose from different transition or have a random one for each picture.

Moving on to templates, you can pick from a few professional and concision presets, with a preview panel providing real time feedback. An audio layer can be added, as well as an option to customize templates. The last step is simple, letting you choose an output folder, file name, HTML title, as well as project width and height.

Taking everything into consideration, we come to the conclusion that A-PDF Flash Album Maker is a practical application with which you can pile up different pictures in a fully customizable Flash collage. The intuitive design quickly gets you up and running, while the rich library of content and abundance of editing options make sure no two results are the same.