A4 Photo Enhancer is a fast and easy to use real-time image enhancing application. This small tool will transform your ordinary, flat looking pictures into detailed and beautiful images.

It improves the quality of your photos in a number of ways: adjusting brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, lightness, saturation, red-green-blue, desaturating, intensity, inverting, equalization, threshold, posterize on demand; applying sharpen effect, blur effect, minimal and maximal effect, positional filters effect, noise effect, diffuse effect, embossing effect, relief effect, texturize effect, mosaic effect, halftones effect; performing autocrop transformation, flip vertical and flip horizontal transformation, rotation transformation, perspective transformation, skew transformation, twirl transformation and more.

The following image formats are supported: · BMP (standard Windows Bitmap file format)

· JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group file format)

· GIF (Graphics Interchange file Format)

· PNG (Portable Network Graphics file format)

· ICO (standard Windows Icon file format)

· CUR (standard Windows Cursor file format)

· ANI (standard Windows Animated cursor file format)

· WMF (standard Windows Metafile format)

· EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile format)

· TIFF (Tagged-Image File Format)

· PCX (ZSoft Paintbrush File Format)

· TGA (Truevision Targa File Format)

· RAS (Sun Raster Image File Format)

· J2K (Jpeg 2000 File Format)