Before complex programs or even such modern technology existed, people used to listen to music using old machines, disks, CDs and nowadays portable players and mobile phones. Finding the proper app to convert your audio files might turn out to be time-consuming and disappointing. AAC2WMA is a useful and intuitive application that offers a simple and practical way to convert numerous tracks quickly from AAC to WMA format.

The setup is over in a blink of an eye and uncomplicated. It's wrapped in a clear-cut and self-explanatory layout consisting of a single panel divided into a basic toolbar with a few standard functions, a file viewer, and two tabs with general and advanced settings.

Adding new items to the list is simple, just browse their location on the computer and they are automatically displayed along with a few details, such as status (waiting, ok, failed), time, size, as well as input and output path, percentage, length and the item's number.

Before proceeding, it's recommended to choose the proper settings to get the best results and quality. The general tab only comes with the audio profile (WMA) while the advanced one contains the video quality, size, codec, aspect, followed by frame rate, channels and audio sample. You can easily change the output directory. The conversion process usually takes a couple of seconds, but might vary from a computer to another.

What's more, you have the option to batch convert tracks making the operation more efficient. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a built-in player to listen to your favorite tunes while working. A progress bar is shown to each item to know when it's done.

Taking everything into consideration, AAC2WMA is an intuitive and accessible tool created to provide a fast conversion from AAC to WMA format. During our testing, the app didn't encounter any issues and executed the tasks swiftly.