You always thought and asked your friends what should you give as a birthday present to a person you care about but don't know too well. You don't want to spend your money on something it doesn't represent that individual. You do know its favorite movies, actors or preferred places to spend its time, so you decided to create a personalized calendar with what that person likes. However, the Internet is filled with various programs that offer different options for making calendars, but some of them are hard to use and take too much time.

ABC Calendar Maker is a straightforward and user-friendly application that can help you design beautiful and simple calendars for various occasions and we all know they never get old, being the most optimal present for someone. It's wrapped in a one-window and easy interface divided into two parts, one with all the provided options and the other displays a preview of your work.

The tool comes with sounds that are played when clicking on a button and which, unfortunately, can't be disabled. If you have a calendar saved on the computer in EA file format you can easily load it into the panel and add further editing. The desired month and year are chosen by pressing the next and back arrows, along with the heading format that can be modified to another type.

ABC Calendar Maker lets you position the days of the month to top and bottom left and right, change the box size, as well as select the desired colors for the box and text, and the text font. Plus, you can set the calendar width, height and offset lengths, disable horizontal and vertical lines, together with shaded boxes that make their background transparent.

The app supports BMP, GIF and JPEG image formats and keep in mind that the larger the picture is the slower the program moves. The photo can be automatically scaled, positioned more to the top, left or right, as well as resized using the arrows.

Overall, ABC Calendar Maker is a handy and accessible utility designed to offer a simple method of creating customized calendars using favorite images for each single month. During our testing, the tool didn't consume too many resources but encountered some minor errors when loading large pictures.