Handling and maintaining the software requirements on multiple computers is a difficult job in lack of tools that can carry out specific tasks automatically.

ABC-Deploy is one solution that can deploy software, apply patches and manage various tasks on client computers. The number of target systems the program can work with is generally restricted by the purchased license type.

The application is wrapped in a user-friendly interface that allows control over the operations that can be assigned and pushed to the clients.

Adding a task is designed to be as simple as possible and the panel provides the possibility to define the number of concurrent deploys as well as specific parameters, such as special command options for the installation process; this can be done silently in the background, without reboot.

Among the options for a Windows installer there is the choice to repair or uninstall software. To make sure that all users reach the necessary files the application provides the means to upload the resources to a common repository.

ABC-Deploy provides a powerful and flexible environment for software deployment. There are options for applying user profiles automatically, create a list of exclusions in order to target just specific PCs.

The application can also be used for multi-step installation procedures and it collects data in the background, offering the administrator information about the software and the hardware components available on each client.

ABC-Deploy is designed as an easy solution for administrators to run maintenance tasks for computers under their management. It automates the process of installation and removal of software on the target computers and gathers details about the resources present on those machines.

There is support for any type of installer and script types, including MSI, MSP, VBS or REG, which permits installation of any software on the client PCs.