The personal backup utility for pro's and beginners alike. Featuring powerful point and click file selection, backup scheduling, logging, zip compression, password protection, simple file restore and much more.

Absolutebackup uses PKZip 2.04g compatible compression format. Backup files can be decompressed with PKZip, WinZip or any other compatible Zip program.

Here are some key features of "Absolute Backup":

■ For extra safety, you can now create 'archive backups' which save a copy of every file that changes between backups to a separate backup file. This allows you to restore not only the latest version of a file, but older versions as well.

■ Ability to include sub-folders when selecting a folder:

■ When you include sub-folders in a selection, the software will automatically include any sub-folder that is added in the future. In addition, you can easily exclude a specific sub-folder as well.

■ Multiple folders on any drive can be defined in a backup job.

■ Include or exclude specific files/folders or file types.

■ Compatible with any media Windows Explorer can write to directly such as network drives, zip drives, SuperDisk, floppy disks, CD-R / CD-RW (using UDF software drivers such as Roxio DirectCD or Ahead InCD). Disk spanning is also supported on removable media.

■ Backup jobs can be scheduled to run automatically at any time via the task scheduler, or they can be run manually.

■ Backup files are compressed in zip compatible format. The files can be opened/extracted by any zip software application, making the backup files easy to restore onto computers that do not have absolutebackup installed


■ 30-day trial