ABSYNTH provides you with an advanced semi-modular synthesizer that features original effects and sampling techniques to help you unleash your creativity and generate innovative sounds. Including

a sophisticated effect system, the application is a powerful, yet easy to use sound design tool.

The main interface offers fast access to all the available sounds, instruments and effects. It features fine tuning tools that you can use to adjust the bass level, the resonance or the depth, the distortion level, as well as mutation options to create completely new sounds by combining characteristics of several sounds. With the 'Sound Mutator', you can modify all the audio elements, from the oscillator settings, envelopes, filters and more. Additional variations can be applied randomly.

ABSYNTH bundles a collection of more than expressive 2,100 presets, ranging from classic keyboard sounds to much more complex grooves. In addition to this, it comes with advanced sound generating methods, such as subtractive synthesis, granular sampling and wave-morphing. Together with the collection of modulators, unusual filters and effects (such as the 'Aetherizer' or the 'Supercomb' ) these features greatly extend the application's sound capabilities.

Sound history can help you compare the obtained sounds, while the filter feedback feature allows much more radical sound distortion. Live input for each channel, audio modulation and macro controls are other advantages that this application comes with.

The synthesizer features a flexible signal flow, search and filter functions, tempo synchronization, envelope-step mode and enhanced surround sound panning for animation effects. It provides support for VST, audio units, ASIO, WASAPI and other interfaces.

With its instant sound tweaking capabilities and its sound potential, ABSYNTH takes sound processing and studio production to a whole new level. You can use it as a professional synthesizer and a fully functional effects unit, which makes it a must-have tool for every expert sound designer out there.