abylon EXIF-CLEANER is a simple to use application that allows you to easily view and clear the metadata from image files. The program supports JPG, TIFF and JPEG images, plus it is capable of handling several files at the same time. Moreover, it can save the output file, with the desired quality, to the indicated folder.

abylon EXIF-CLEANER can come in handy when you wish to hide the main information embedded in the JPG/JPEG pictures. For instance, if you wish to upload an anonymous photo online, you can make sure that the program can erase data regarding the location where the picture was taken or the camera model.

The application can detect any type of metadata saved in your picture, whether it is formatted or unformatted EXIF type. It can also detect information saved on the extensible metadata platform (XMP) or created according to the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) standards.

abylon EXIF-CLEANER can easily remove the detected information from all the pictures you load in the list. You can add them by dragging and dropping or import them using the dedicated function.

Be sure to save a backup of the photos, unless you are certain you wish to permanently remove the EXIF information from them.

Once you process the files, the results are automatically saved in the same location, replacing the original file. The program can also display warnings or errors in a separate box in its interface.

abylon EXIF-CLEANER can remove the metadata from files within seconds. You can select the images you wish to clean or process all the pictures in the list. Moreover, you can choose to save the results at a lower quality so that you can obtain a smaller file size. The program can also delete any comments embedded in the picture file.