Accdb Password Get is a software tool developed in order to help individuals decrypt documents created in Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010.

The installation process does not offer to add or download any third-party products, and it is over in a jiffy. Once you are finished with it, you come face to face with a simple and intuitive interface. It is only comprised of a few boxes and buttons. This means that all user categories can learn how to find their way around it, with great ease.

It is important to understand that this utility is a demo version, and you will only be able to decrypt passwords that contain numeric characters (0 - 9).

Aside from that, you are required to input all the characters you remember from the passkey, and insert question marks for unknown elements. Once you have performed these actions, you can click the key button, and let Accdb Password Get do the rest.

This process is not quite friendly to your computer’s performance, as CPU and memory usage tends to be high at certain times. It might be a good idea not to run it alongside utilities that are also demanding. Nonetheless, if the program is successful, the complete password is going to be displayed in the main window.

To conclude, Accdb Password Get is a pretty handy piece of software, when it comes to recovering passkeys from Microsoft Access database. The response time is good, the environment is friendly and the system’s performance is affected.