Accelebrain is vocabulary builder and flashcard software which helps you quickly memorize words, phrases, vocabulary, numbers, formulas, historical dates, or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format.

You can add, search, learn and print flashcards with Accelebrain. You will even be able to print one or two-sided flashcards and take them away on your trips.

A major benefit of the flashcards is that they are extremely portable, comfortably fit into the pocket. If you are standing in the queue at the movie theatre or the mall, you can simply pluck out your cards and kill some time by revising them. You may also learn flashcards with build-in flashcard emulator inside Accelebrain.

Why do you need Accelebrain?

· To cut down on your learning time and quickly memorize a large volume of words, phases, vocabulary, formulas, etc.

· To learn up to 100 words per day with fun

· It is vocabulary builder for those who learn foreign language

· To prepare for SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, FCE, CAE tests

· To print flashcards on paper (one and two-sided flashcards printing support)