Access Forensics is a reliable tool that allows you to view, analyze and recover information from Microsoft Access database files. The program is capable of removing the password protecting the imported file, as well as to export it to an .XML or .CSV file. It can also recreate lost MDW components to recover security records.

Access Forensics allows you to load and analyze files created with Microsoft Access and saved in formats such as .MDB or .ACCDB. You may easily open unencrypted database files, in order to extract the information from them, or import password protected documents. It can decode Access databases using one of the available algorithms: Dictionary, Brute Force or a mixed method.

The program features several password removal presets, but you may easily configure your entries, based on custom dictionary files or brute force options. Once opened, you may view the contents of the database file, including information, tables and column headers. The file is opened in a separate window.

Access Forensics opens each database in a new window, allowing you to view the tables structures, database’s properties and security options. Each aspect can be viewed in a different tab, enabling you to easily analyze the information.

You may easily export the data from each loaded file as XML or as CSV, to the indicated folder and with the desired name. Moreover, the main window displays a detailed activity log, allowing you to open each action in a text file.

Access Forensics is designed to open database files, whether they are encrypted or not, to analyze their contents and recover the information. The program can easily decode password protected files, using either the Dictionary, the Brute Force or a mixed method. It can also be used to recover information from corrupted databases.