It can get a little difficult to stay completely focused on work with the variety of distractions found a mouse click away. This can have a considerable impact on the success of a business. Luckily, there are multiple specialized applications just like Access Manager that let you set up navigation and usage restrictions so that employees stay away from potentially harmful content and pay more attention to tasks at hand.

The application can be used both as a means of parental control and imposing employee restrictions. What's more, accommodation is amongst the least of your worries, with the main window being fitted with a tree view of all areas you can manage, with more details and controls in the rest of the space. Configurations are straightforward to avoid confusion, as well as general descriptions and hints so you don't get stuck along the way.

Depending on the environment you're using the application in, restrictions can be applied as a general rule, or for users individually. Multiple categories are at your fingertips to cut off or limit access to boot and shut down, automatic logon, screen lock, legal notice, network, explorer, Internet navigation, offline files, control panel, scripts, removable storage, start menu and other programs.

Each category unfolds specific sets of options that are enabled by simply checking the corresponding box. A separate panel holds a description and notes, with several options to manage, depending on the type of restriction.

The application does a pretty good job at covering most areas you can access when using a computer. With options to automate system logon, disable different context menu entries or control panel items, a sense of control is successfully delivered. However, when it comes to Internet, there aren't any options to prevent a user from accessing specific websites, but the provided restrictions are sure to make it close to impossible, like disabling various elements such as the URL field.

Configurations can be saved and easily imported later on. This enables you to create different profiles for various circumstances and environments. Besides the configuration screen, the package contains a safe web browser and shortcut to have the screen locked with a custom password.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Access Manager lets you decide what can and cannot be done by employees or someone else that's using your computer temporarily. The variety of areas in covers and depth of options is impressive, while the intuitive design makes it easy to use by anyone, regardless of experience.